Visite guidée au cahteau de vaux le vicomte city cab paris


A private visit to the Château de Vaux le Vicomte accompanied by a local guide


Today we see mass tourism, but what quality are tourists really experiencing?

We offer a complete, private guided tour of the Château de Vaux le Vicomte.

Dining room of the Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte - City Cab Paris.

What benefits do you gain by choosing our premium quality service?

  • An individual guide at your disposal.
  • You will have all your questions answered.
  • A driver will pick you up from your hotel and bring you back at the end of the day.
  • Flexible timings – between 3 and 6 hours, totally your choice!
  • You benefit from all VIP support.

At the entrance you will discover the famous, unfinished ceiling of the Château.

Private visit in Castle Vaux le Vicomte Nicolas Fouqet

Private tour in Château de Vaux le Vicomte - Nicolas Fouqet


A private tour of Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte - City Cab Paris.


It is during this private tour that the guide will answer all your questions. They will explain many wonderful facts and stories about the Château, for example, you will learn how the Château de Vaux le Vicomte drove the creation of the Château de Versailles!


A private tour of the Château de Vaux le Viscount gardens with City Cab Paris.


Take a stroll through the Château’s beautiful gardens.


The hardest part will be leaving at the end of the visit!


It will be time to plan the next day's tour with your driver!


For travel agencies, choose a reliable team for your VIPs.

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City Cab Paris Private Car Diner on cruise


Here in the Parisian world, City Cab Paris offers you a transfer service to and from an exceptional diner on the Yachts Don Juan.


City Cab Paris offers you a transfer service to and from an exceptional dinner on the Yacht Don Juan. All our drivers are bilingual. They will pick you up from your hotel in the evening and collect you around 11:20pm, once the Yacht Don Juan returns.


We know the docks and can provide you with your tickets.


Enjoy an exceptional, hassle-free evening from start to finish!

To avoid any unnecessary inconveniences or stress of transport, use our Professional driver service and relax in style!

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City Cab Paris Private Garden Giverny

Visite privée Giverny

Situé à 1h de Paris, le site de la Fondation Claude Monet vous surprendra avec le calme et la possibilité de ce lieu magique.

City Cab Paris Monet’s Garden

“Le charme intemporel ou la lumière est comme nulle part ailleurs” Claude Monet.

Voici les éléments à visiter: Maison et Jardin Claude Monet. – Musée des impressionnismes Giverny. – HOTEL Baudy. – Le Vieux Moulin à Vernon.

City Cab Paris

Réservez votre navette privée en Van ou berline haut de gamme avec chauffeur. Nous connaissons parfaitement les lieux, laissez vous transporter par un service sur mesure. Pas de navette commune et aucune attente d’un groupe quelconque. Vous serez nos VIP et nous resterons à votre disposition durant la visite aller et retour.

City Cab Paris Monet’s Garden
City Cab Paris

Possibilité de faire plusieurs devis.

Forfait 4h avec ou sans les billets.

Forfait 5h avec ou sans les billets.

Forfait 6h avec ou sans les billets.

Forfait à la journée de 8h. Le but étant de déjeuner aussi sur place durant la visite magique.

City Cab Paris private Garden inside
City Cab Paris Rain in the Monet Garden
City Cab Paris Flower in the Garden
City Cab Paris Flowers on the Garden
City Cab Paris private visit in giverny garden
Private Visit in the garden of Monet

Vous ne serez pas déposés à 500m dans la station des touristes mais bien devant l’entrée de la maison ou le musée Monet. Pensez à nous prévenir dans la commande nous pouvons nous occuper de vos billets coupe-file (pas de file d’attente pour nos VIP).

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Castle of Blois Private tour


A visit to the Loire Valley with a VIP couple from United States.


The Royal Castle of Blois-St. Louis is an essential building to see.

Tower castle of blois private visit.


Have a pleasant stay in this wonderfully old and historical City. Jacobins Convent is a must see.


Castle of Blois view on the city


Come and explore this magnificent Cathedral.



The Saint Louis Cathedral is a gothic work of art that dominate the Loire.


Here you can see one of the most beautiful pictures from the stay:

Best Picture of Blois St Louis Team City Cap Paris Private Visit for VIP


For Travel Agents, we propose a 1 to 4-day visit to the Loire Valley, allowing enough time to explore this beautiful region full of history.


We will provide you with a top of the range vehicle with an English-speaking driver and tourist guide to have at your disposal. They'll make sure you don't miss a thing!


Trust us with your clients!


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La Normandie et les plages du débarquement

Medical Seminar Deauville

City Cab Paris had the amazing job of accompanying a visit to Deauville in the Normandy region of France. We had the pleasure of transporting employees (guests) for a medical seminar that was taking place at the Normandy Palace. Deauville is an internationally renowned location, an essential stopover for any stay around the area. It is very popular among holiday makers and Yachtsmen. You will be immediately charmed by this great seaside resort as well as its history. Our team will ensure you have a trouble-free trip by accompanying you throughout the entirety of your stay. No headaches, just a premium service! The service was provided for our event Partner. During seminars or conferences, our drivers will accompany you on all your travels. Contact us:

The service was provided for our event Partner.

During your seminars or congress, our drivers will accompany you on all your travels.

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City Cab Paris private driver Airport with la Première


Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport VIP welcoming.


Are your customers travelling with Air France for the first time?

We will continue their excellent service on departure and arrival with our prestige vehicles!


City Cab Paris – Faites de la Fiabilité une Réalité!


Book with us at least 12h hours in advance and choose from our range of ethical transport. We provide a Premium service on board all of our vehicles.


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City Cab golf Rochefort ChateauForm


The City Cab team accompanies a seminar at the Château de Rochefort.

You will be taken on a journey of discovery of this splendid place.

The Château de Rochefort is a beautiful achievement of French art.


It is a quiet and isolated place in Paris that will impress your employees who have come to relax and work.



Are you an event agency? A company who invites its employees to magnificent places?

Favour our ethical transport and Premium service.

We provide a top of the range, luxury service!

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Mariage VIP City Cab Paris

City Cab Paris Mariage!!

City Cab Paris vous propose les services d?un chauffeur privé.
Pour faire de votre mariage un jour inoubliable, choisissez City Cab Paris.
Envie de vivre une journée digne d?un prince et d?une princesse?
Conscient que ce jour dois être le plus beau de votre vie, nous vous faisons bénéficier de nos plus beaux véhicules pour un effet?remarquable, exceptionnel, magnifique.
Assurez vous un confort et un service de qualité pour votre grand jour !
City Cab Paris vous offre ses services pour vous conduire à la mairie ou sur votre lieu de réception lors de votre jour J.
Réservez un véhicule haut de gamme avec chauffeur privé pour vous et vos invités.