Castle of Blois Private tour


A visit to the Loire Valley with a VIP couple from United States.


The Royal Castle of Blois-St. Louis is an essential building to see.

Tower castle of blois private visit.


Have a pleasant stay in this wonderfully old and historical City. Jacobins Convent is a must see.


Castle of Blois view on the city


Come and explore this magnificent Cathedral.



The Saint Louis Cathedral is a gothic work of art that dominate the Loire.


Here you can see one of the most beautiful pictures from the stay:

Best Picture of Blois St Louis Team City Cap Paris Private Visit for VIP


For Travel Agents, we propose a 1 to 4-day visit to the Loire Valley, allowing enough time to explore this beautiful region full of history.


We will provide you with a top of the range vehicle with an English-speaking driver and tourist guide to have at your disposal. They'll make sure you don't miss a thing!


Trust us with your clients!


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