Private visit chateau de Versailles


A private guided tour around the Château de Versailles.

We offer a high-end service for a privileged clientele. They will experience luxury from start to finish with both the vehicles and day trips! The quality services run true throughout the whole day, beginning at pick-up and ending after drop-off!

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Upon request, we can also provide a guide who will be happy to take care of you during the whole tour. For your benefit, it is best to have both a driver and guide who are accustomed to the Château. We can provide you with the perfect team!


Private tour of the Château de Versailles’ gardens


Choose a private, high-end service. The idea of a coach filled with a group of people having to abide by strict time limits is not suitable for a quality stay. Instead, opt for a private vehicle with an English-speaking driver and guide who will remain at your disposal as long as you wish.

We have packages from 4 to 8 hours for an unforgettable discovery of Versailles!


Private tour of the château- Hamlet of the queen


Your private tour will end in The Queen's Hamlet. From here, you will begin making your way back to Paris with your personal chauffeur.


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